Thinking about buying a home?

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Buying a home is a big deal! Learn the process and the pitfalls before you purchase. Worry less, make better decisions, and enjoy your home search more.

Session topics for these free, no obligation, educational seminars include:

  • The Home Buying Process. Take charge of your home purchase by learning the steps of the home buying process, how to prepare and pitfalls to avoid.

  • Trends, Cycles & Financial Considerations. Maximize the benefits of home ownership by learning the market trends and cycles, current market conditions and financial factors that affect your decision as to if, when and how to buy a home.

  • Working with an Agent. Spy vs. Spy. Is your agent a double agent? Negotiating with your agent. Many seminar attendees find this session the most fascinating.

  • Mortgages. Don’t assume you cannot get a mortgage! Learn about new loan programs for 2015, how to get the best rate and fees, closing costs and how to take the confusion out of the mortgage process.

  • Making the deal. How do you know the actual value of a home? How much should you offer? What is your negotiating strategy? Getting a bargain on a house. All this and more . . .

  • Discovering defects. Homes and properties can have all sorts of defects and issues, physical, legal and otherwise. Learn the various lines of defense in protecting yourself from ending up with a house with problems--without wasting unnecessary time and money.

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